GoPlay Senior Team

GoPlay Senior team is a group of people that loves Tennis with Passion.

People with a high sense for Sport Management, Marketing and Event Management.

GoPlay Senior's mains objective is to continue running the Senior Circuit and provide the best service to all players who are willing to participate in these great tournaments with a social, healthy and enjoyable environment.

Our Project is focused in 17 tournaments as well as some activities and events related to the Tennis and Business worlds.

Player Help Desk Assistance : 

Albert Garcia Vila (610-525-433)  

Eloi Lozano (655-921-413)

General Coordnation / PR & Marketing : 

Ramzi Shuaibi (630-914-033)

Dani Gonzalez (676-547-896)


Ruben Fernández (606-099-990)

Sponsorship  & Finance: 

Juanma Barbara  (619-684-611)

Comunication & support : TenisSenior

Ramzi Shuaibi


Daniel Gonzalez


Eloi Lozano


Albert Garcia Vilà



Develop a high Tennis Senior Circuit in order to meet all players expectations providing a 5 star service for all of them in each of their age categories.   


Consolidate a Senior Project in order to let the Tennis World has a reference to lean. A private initiative to provide a Circuit of quality for all players who loves this amazing sport.

GoPlay Senior : Managing Tennis Emotions